Race calendar 2022

Provisional race calendar of the TCT program in 2022.

Below you will find the provisional calendar for 2022.

18-04-2022TCT Satellite RaceAlkmaarup to 3.000 in earnings*€. 3.300
28-04-2022TCT Satellite RaceVP Wolvegaup to 4.000 in earnings*€. 4.400
28-04-2022TCT Satellite RaceVP Wolvega*€. 6.600
06/07-2022TCT Satellite RaceMünchen*€. 6.600
05-06-2022TCT Satellite RaceHamburg*€. 6.600
06-06-2022TCT Satellite RaceAlkmaarup to 4.000 in earnings*€. 3.300
10-06-2022Criterium eliminationsVP Wolvega€. 4.400
24-06-2022CriteriumVP Wolvega€. 33.000
08-07-2022TCT Satellite RaceVP Wolvegaup to 5.000 in earnings*€. 4.400
08-07-2022TCT Satellite RaceVP Wolvega*€. 6.600
10-07-2022Sommer Cup der StutenHamburgfillies€. 8.800
10-07-2022Sommer CupHamburgcolts/geldings€ 33.000
12-08-2022Derby eliminationsVP Wolvegafillies€. 5.500
12-08-2022Derby eliminationsVP Wolvega€. 5.500
28-08-2022DerbyVP Wolvegafillies€. 44.000
28-08-2022DerbyVP Wolvega€. 110.000
10-09-2022TCT Satellite RaceVP Wolvega*€. 4.400
18-09-2022TCT Satellite RaceAlkmaarup to 15.000 in earnings*€. 3.300
18-09-2022München CupMünchen*€. 11.000
18-09-2022Gold CupMünchen*€. 33.000
02/03-10-2022Hamburg StakeHamburg*€. 22.000
02/03-10-2022Gold CupHamburg*€. 33.000
14-10-2022TCT Satellite RaceVP Wolvegaup to 15.000 in earnings*€. 4.400
14-10-2022TCT Satellite RaceVP Wolvega*€. 6.600
21-10-2022TCT Satellite Race VP Wolvega*€. 4.400
05-11-2022TCT Satellite RaceHamburg*€. 4.400
10-11-2022Wolvega CupVP Wolvegaup to 10.000 in earnings*€. 22.000
10-11-2022Derby eliminationsVP Wolvega€. 5.500
25-11-2022DerbyVP Wolvega€. 44.000
16/23-12-2022Gold CupVP Wolvega*€. 33.000

The rates shown in blue are the rates for two-year-olds. The rates shown in black are the rates for the three-year-old horses.

For all races with a * applies: division into fillies and stallions/geldings if more than 7 mares and 7 stallions/ geldings are enlisted.