Press release november 17th, 2021

The Trotting Classics Tour has got off to a flying start

The Trotting Classics Tour has got off to a flying start: we have now completed 9 TCT races. Each and every one of them with a great line-up. Up to 20 horses were declared for certain races. Last Friday, the provisional TCT highlight took place at Victoria Park Wolvega, during the ‘Giganten-meeting’: the Payday TCT DERBY for 2 Year olds!

3 year old season 2022 (horses born in 2019)

The horses born in 2019 and registered for the TCT could already earn more than 140.000 euros prize money this year. Next year, the prize money will even exceed 400.000 euros!

At least 26 races will be held for the 3-year-old horses.

The TCT board tries to organize enough interesting races for all horses. For example, 3 satellite races are planned on Alkmaar. These are all races with limited earnings. In this way horses that are at the start of their career can get ‘protected’ experience. Also on Wolvega there are several satellite races with limited earnings.

At the end of the year there is even a classic race with 22.000 euros prize money for horses that, for whatever reason, have relatively little earnings. There are various possibilities to avoid the horses with high earnings throughout the year.

There are also plenty of opportunities for fillies during the season. The Sommer Cup in Hamburg and the DERBY at Wolvega have a separate filly division.

In addition, the following condition applies to almost all other races: divide into separate divisions for fillies and for stallions/ geldings if more than 7 fillies and 7 stallions/ geldings are indicated.

Given the large number of horses that are registered and the great enthusiasm for the TCT races this year, many races are expected to be held separately for fillies!

Our German ‘partner racetracks’ Munich and Hamburg are organizing several races for 3-year-olds in 2022. In addition to several satellite races, both racetracks each have a classic race with a minimum of 30.000 euros prize money. In addition, Hamburg is planning 2 new highly-rated races in the summer months (separate divisions for fillies and for stallions/geldings).

2 year old season 2022

The 2-year-old season for next year will again have at least eight races, just like this year: a highly upgraded race in Munich, a classic race in Hamburg and two classic races in Wolvega, culminating in the Derby final. In addition, 4 satellite races will be held, which can be split up again if there are sufficient declarations, just like this year (possibly into separate divisions for fillies and for stallions/ geldings).

In total there will be more than 140.000 euros prize money!

Registration yearlings

Also in 2022, more than 20 sponsors will make a financial contribution to the TCT. In addition, the participating racetracks contribute to the prize money. The final amount of the prize money depends on the number of horses entered.

You can register your yearling online until 31.12.2021 at the latest. The more horses, the more prize money can be run!

Do you own a yearling and would you like to register him or her for the Trotting Classics Tour? You can do this via our website www. All horses registered in the Dutch studbook are registered automatically, just like last year. You must actively register yearlings with a different nationality. All Dutch bred horses receive a 25% discount on all fees (sponsored by the NDR) and the horses auctioned in Wolvega on August 27, receive a 50% discount on the first entry fee.

For the three-year-circuit in which your yearling can participate, the winner of the 2, 3 and 4-year-old TCT Derby will receive a Triple Crown bonus of 100,000 euros!

The most successful TCT breeder will receive a free foal fee from Readly Express in 2022, 2023 and in 2024!


Horses born in 2019:

December 1, 2021: 300 euros

February 1, 2022: 250 euros

April 1, 2022: 250 euros

Horses born in 2020:

January 1, 2022: 250 euros

February 1, 2022: 150 euros

March 1, 2022: 100 euros

May 1, 2022: 100 euros


All deposits are collected via your current account with the SNDR.

Please make sure that there is a sufficient amount of money in your account on the above dates.

TCT calendar 2022

3 year old season 2022:

  • At least 26 races with a total prize money of more than 400.000 euros
  • Two classic races exclusively for fillies
  • All satellite races will be split into separate divisions for fillies and for stallions/geldings if there are sufficient declarations
  • Two Derby Finals with a total prize money of 140.000 euros
  • Multiple satellite races are limited written with limited win sum

2 year old season 2022:

  • 8 races
  • 140.000 euros in prize money
  • Also for two-year-olds, if there are sufficient declarations, all satellite races will be split into separate divisions for fillies and for stallions/geldings