Update owners and trainers 01-2021

News for owners and trainers

Welcome to the Trotting Classics Tour (TCT)!

Dear owner,

You recently registered a horse(s) for the TCT program. We thank you very much for the declaration of your yearling.

The interest in TCT is enormous: more than 350 yearlings have been registered!

The objective of the Trotting Classics Tour is to stimulate harness racing in order to guarantee the continuity of our sport. With your massive declaration of yearlings, a first step

has been taken to achieve this objective.

With this letter we would like to inform you about a number of practical points:

  1. Where can I see which horses are registered?

On the 29th of January we will publish the complete list of all registrations on our website www.trottingclassicstour.com

  1. Is it already official where and when which TCT races will be held in 2021?

On the 29th of January, you will receive an email from us with the final race calendar in 2021. This calendar will also be published on our website from the 29th of January.

  1. Where can I find the exact race details of all TCT races?

A preliminary version of the race details is already available on the www.trottingclassicstour.com website. The definitive race details of all TCT races in 2021 will be published on our website no later than the 29th of January.

  1. When do I pay my entry fees and how does the billing / administration proceed?

In 2021, 4 deposits will be due:

1st February    250 euros

1st March         150 euros

1st April            100 euros

1st May             100 euros

The starting fees for the classic races (satellite races have no starting money) will be collected after your horse has been definitively declared. All entry and starting fees are booked including 21% VAT. All amounts mentioned above are exclusive VAT.

The administration of the deposits and invoicing is done for ALL owners via the SNDR (The Dutch Trotting Association).

For the owners who already have a current account at the SNDR: The entry fees, starting fees and prize money will be settled on your existing current account.

For all owners who do not yet have a current account at the SNDR: The SNDR opens automatically a current account for you. You receive a current account statement from SNDR once a month. This specification is sent by email in the 1st week, after the end of each month. All fees and possible prize money are credited to this account. It will be settled around the 21st of each month.

Owners with a Dutch bankaccount can agree on an automatic collection. Foreign owners must transfer the payment themselves to the SNDR around the 21st of each month. If your bank / VAT details are not yet known to SNDR, you will shortly receive a letter from TCT with the request to share this information with us. For future questions about the fees charged, please contact the sports department of the SNDR.

  1. I bought my horse at the Wolvega Yearling Sale in 2020. How do I get my 50% discount for the first payment?

On the current account statement of February, the 1st payment is credited for 50%.

  1. Payment of prize money

The payment of the prize money for all races held in the Netherlands is provided by the SNDR. The payment of the prize money for the races in Hamburg and Munich is done via the ZVTRS.

  1. The number of registered horses is more than budgeted, does this also mean that the prize money will increase?

The TCT is a foundation and therefore has no profit motive. All directors work on a 100% voluntary basis. The money goes entirely to the harness sport.

The fact that there are clearly more registrations than budgeted will indeed ensure that more money will flow back to the TCT participants. In the 2021 season, it was decided to program extra series for the DERBY for the 2-year-olds (each series 5,000 euros in prize money), and there will be an extra satellite race in Munich (10,000 euros in prize money). In addition, with more than 12 registrations, multiple divisions will be held in the Class Stake and Gold Cup. The majority of the prize money is reserved for the season for the 3-year-olds (2022) and 4-year-olds (2023).

We can imagine that you have further questions or comments about the TCT. You can always call or email us if you have any questions or comments (contact data are listed on the website).

The Trotting Classics Tour has been set up by and for trotting enthusiasts:

  • More than 500,000 euros in prize money per year
  • 100,000 euro bonus for the winner of the Triple Crown
  • Free foal money from Readly Express; 3 year in a row for the most winning TCT breeder
  • Connection among different tracks in the “low countries”
  • 25 sponsors who jointly sponsor more than 130,000 euros per year
  • Enthusiasm and financial support of the participating tracks
  • Investing in yearlings is more profitable and therefore higher prices at the auctions
  • More horses, more visitors, higher betting and catering turnover
  • Continuity offers guidance for trainers and an increase of young professionals

Together we hope that TCT will be a great success!

Yours sincerely,

Robin Goudsblom                        Ferry Hollander

Chairman of TCT                           Secretary of TCT