What is TCT

Main strategy

  • To create and support the new classic races for two, three and four year old horses
  • Our goal is 20 new international classic races every year, with a total extra prize money of 500,000 Euro per year, from the (birth) year 2019.
  • Winner of the international 2-, 3- and 4- year olds Derby (in consecutive years) will receive a bonus of 100,000 Euro (Triple Crown). (only for horses born in 2019, 2020 and 2021)
  • Organizing of, among other things, 5 new international derby’s:
    – Int. Derby of the “Lage Landen” for 2-year-old horses with 45,000 Euro prize money (Consolation Derby included)
    – Int. Derby of the “Lage Landen” for 3-year-old horses with 110,000 Euro prize money (Consolation included)
    – Int. Derby of the “Lage Landen” for 3-year-old filles with 50,000 Euro prize money
    – Int. Derby of the “Lage Landen” for 4-year-old horses with 58,000 Euro prize money (Consolation included)
    – Int. Derby of the “Lage Landen” for 4-year-old fillies with 30,000 Euro prize money
  • Possibility for owners to participate with 1 horse in 2 Derby’s in one season. You can participate in the Derby in your own country and and on top of that in the Derby of the “Lage Landen”.
  • Several races just for fillies.
  • Breeders benefit from increasing value of their yearlings.
  • Incentive for the Sport in total: in the run-up to the TCT classic courses, 25 “Satellite” TCT-races will be held annually on several racetracks in the Netherlands. Owners can start on their “favorite” track. Moreover, due to the increased number of important races with a high prize money, more horses will be bred, prices of yearlings will rise and the interest in our sport will increase. More horses means more races, more betting turnover, more contributions to the sport and a more realistic chance to keep this sport affordable for everyone and to let the owners and professionals earn a higher income.
  • 50% of the the nomination fee for Yearlings that have been sold at WIYS (Wolvega International Yearling Sale), will be paid by the WIYS organization.
  • Trotting sport regains international allure.
  • Trotting sport gets a huge “BOOST” and makes breeding and keeping horses interesting again.
  • Trotting sport will grow again so the sport can remain guaranteed.
  • A large part of the annually available prize money of 500,000 Euro is financed through sponsorship contributions and contributions from the hosting racetracks (currently approx. 100,000 Euro per year). The remainder is financed from entry- and starting fees. The TCT program is therefore not a classic “cigar out of your own box” story!

200 registrations by 31st december 2020 for yearlings born  2019 is the minimum to be able to implement this plan; At lower numbers, the plan and / or the prize money will be adjusted downwards.

In case of numbers less than 150 registrations, TCT reserves the right to cancel the plan.